Central to the Palestinian cause is the Old City of Jerusalem. Therefore, ensuring the ability of the people to persevere in the face of Israeli efforts to change the character of the Old City is of political essence. At the same time, most of the 40,000 Palestinian inhabitants of the Old City suffer from poverty and marginalization.

To support these families, FFP provides monthly support to subsidize the electricity bill of 5,000 families. The support provided amounts to $14 per month per family paid directly to the Jerusalem Electricity Distribution Company, who then reduce the electricity bills of the beneficiaries. This assistance reduces the residential electricity bills by an average of 25%.

To ensure sustainability of the support, FFP, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Electricity Distribution Company, built a solar PV plant to serve households in the Old City. FFP completed installation of a 710 kW solar PV plant in Jericho. The electricity generated by the plant offsets the electricity consumed by Old City residents, essentially providing subsidies for the electricity bills of these 5,000 Palestinian households.

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