Future for Palestine (FFP) is a non-profit development company that was formed to fill a gap in the development work within the Occupied Palestinian Territory. It was established in August of 2013 with a view to undertaking development work in areas that are marginalized, with a special focus on East Jerusalem, Gaza and the so-called Area “C”, including the Jordan Valley. At its core, FFP’s work is intended to strengthen the resilience and steadfastness of Palestinians in their homeland. It concentrates its efforts on sustainable community-based economic and socio-cultural development.

At inception, FFP perceived itself to be a fund and project administrating agency, and, to a much lesser extent, an implementing agency. As such, FFP is keen on working with local civil society development partners to implement the interventions it develops in cooperation with them. Such arrangement is believed to extenuate several externalities.

First, it strengthens local partners by providing for improved institutions that are more sustainable and resilient. While FFP designs the mechanisms for implementation, it ensures that during implementation, sound and efficiently developed mechanisms are institutionalized within partner implementing agencies. In so doing, it provides the basis for sound and accountable operations of local development partners, in addition to strengthening their planning and implementation capacities through the actual implementation of interventions.

Second, the sustainability of local development is greatly enhanced through local ownership. To this end, by working with local development partners to define and address needs, FFP ensures local ownership of all of its interventions.

As such, in implementing the different interventions, FFP will work with local civil society organizations, cooperatives, the private sector and local councils to develop and implement different programs and projects. In areas where such organizations are lacking, FFP will seek to promote the formation of such organizations and cooperatives.

Furthermore, FFP values the importance of taking advantage of technological advancements and strives to adapt them in serving the needs of Palestinians. It also believes in using such technologies in furthering the advancement and sustainability of Palestinian local development partners, encouraging environment-friendly, and sustainable development.

Finally, FFP’s reliance on local Palestinian expertise in developing programs and administering funds means that it is able to implement interventions at substantially reduced overhead and administration costs. This translates into more of the available funding reaching the Palestinian people, thereby maximizing the impact of development interventions.